What Can I Expect From A Cosmetic Clinic?

So you’ve heard about dermal fillers and wonder what to expect from a cosmetic clinic.

You can have your treatment done by a professional at a top cosmetic clinic in your area, so here are five things you should know before going to a dermal filler clinic.

1) Decide on what you want dermal fillers for:

This is the first step of working with a derma clinic. It doesn’t matter if they’re just guidelines or requests from your friends, but deciding on why you want dermal fillers is very important. If you don’t have a specific reason that it will fix, then you’re better off working with a derma clinic to find out what treatment they recommend for your needs.

2) Educate yourself with treatments available:

There are so many treatments out there, each of them has its own benefits and downfalls. Make sure you have a general idea of what dermal fillers are used for, how they work, how long the results will last after the filler injection, etc.

3) Consult with a specialist:

Especially if this is your first time at an aesthetic clinic, having an initial consultation is very important. With this consultation, specialists can give you an idea of what dermal fillers will work best for your skin and what the results will look like after each treatment.

4) Know what to expect during dermal filler injections

This is essential because you’ll be able to go through with it without being too nervous since it’s just an aesthetic clinic appointment. The derma doctor will discuss this part before performing your treatment. You might experience some slight discomfort but most patients don’t find it anything unbearable or require painkillers.

5) Post dermal filler injections

After a dermal filler treatment, your skin may feel a bit sore and you might have some slight bruising at the sites. This is normal because they are injected into the dermis or upper layer of the derma. In order to let your derma, heal from the treatment, just take it easy for a few days and don’t work out or do anything that will cause too much friction on your derma where they were injected. Dealing with dermal fillers can be very simple if you understand what to expect before going through each step.