Tips On Things You Should Know About Lice In School Children

Back to school begins, and the little ones run the risk of catching the dreaded parasites known as lice on their hair. Get ready with Lice Doctors Fort Myers, FL, so you are not caught off guard with these facts about lice.

We Are Not The Only Ones To Suffer Them.

Neither are we today nor were we thousands of years ago. Did you know that dinosaurs were the first to endure its incessant itching? Lice contain a whole history of evolution in their body. The story is inside them and contributes significantly to the scientific framework to investigate their hosts.

However, leave your dog in the basket where he was sleeping and attend. Among the more than 3,000 varieties that make up lice, pediculus humanus capitis is the lice of humans. Animals are hosts for other types of lice. That is, it could not survive in our pet, nor one of them in us. The products you use to eliminate lice on you will not help them. You should never use the products that the veterinarian indicates to your pet.

A Photo Can Infect Your Child.

Indeed, strange but more accurate than ever. Recent studies indicate that the latest fashion of taking selfies among teenagers, with their heads close together, is a clear danger for the contagion of lice. The number of teenagers with lice has increased. All since this practice of photographing each other more united than ever has become fashionable.

They Live Out Of Heads.

Specifically, they can spend up to 24 hours alive and walking in what is known as “contagion zones,” such as pillows, scarves, combs. For this reason, it is essential that after inspecting and treating a head, you also correctly clean and disinfects these areas, where the occasional louse may have remained perfectly. Failure to do so may risk a new infestation.

Lice Change Color.

These parasites are about the size of a sesame seed. Its variety of colors is wide, so much so that they can even be transparent. They progressively change color from hatching to adulthood, becoming brownish and reaching 4 millimeters.

Recommended Products To Eliminate Lice

As you may have imagined, these parasites do not die quickly. Although they don’t do very well underwater, these brave little critters are fiercely clinging to the hair with their paws, and there’s no way that water or an hour-long bath will make them loosen up. They will not go away even with the beach, pool, or water and all the shampoo you want to apply. You will need specific compounds to suffocate and extinguish them completely. Some specific products by Lice Doctors Fort Myers, FL will help you not only with its elimination but also to prevent its reappearance.