How to Find Help with Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is so prevalent in our society that it is impossible to be social and not feel pressured to partake. For the people that suffer from addiction, it can seem like there is nowhere to turn. Part of the cycle of addiction is believing that you can never win, and you shouldn’t even try. But that is not true. People all over the world have victories over their addictions, and through their struggles, much has been learned about the way the mind works and strategies that can be used to break the vicious cycle.

  • Identify and Accept You Have a Problem: It is tough to get help when you don’t believe you need it. If you are having trouble not drinking for even a day or two, you have a problem. It is as simple as that. Accepting that your addiction is a real thing is a big step, but it is the first step towards a better life.
  • Find a Support Program: We all have different personalities, and what works for some people might not work for others. So it might take you some time to find a good fit. But committing to a program, group, or even an accountability partner, makes it just a little more difficult to lie to yourself about what is going on. Programs like have had a lot of success with people who felt that their situation was hopeless. You are not alone; many people are going through precisely the same thing as you.
  • Learn your Triggers and Patterns: Alcoholism is a battle fought in the mind. Usually, people drink to escape painful thoughts or memories. Overuse of alcohol is a symptom of a problem of distorted logic and self-deception. When you know what situations trigger a predictable pattern, you will be better able to react differently and make other choices.
  • Be Determined to Have Self Control: The only person putting alcohol in your mouth is you. No one can make you drink. You might feel like it is impossible, but you get a little stronger every time you say no. Take pride in every victory, no matter how small.

Alcohol isn’t going anywhere. It is just one of those dualistic issues we need to live with. People are going to drink, and you will be pressured to join in. But if you take steps to identify your problem and commit to making changes. The peer pressure and the deceptions of your mind will begin to lose their power. And with proper support, you can change your situation and live a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle.