Finding Time for Yourself as a Busy Physician

While it’s understandable to be busy with work in any profession, the healthcare industry is unique. Healthcare professionals are typically always busy, and they rarely have time for themselves. While it might be a high-paying job for physicians, it’s a high-stress situation for the most part, and it can often feel like you have no control over your life.

Finding time for yourself as a busy physician is not necessarily easy, but it is more than possible. Even those that feel like they’re too busy the entire day can still find time given the right mindset. Here are just a few tips to help you make the most of your time as a busy physician.

Start out by planning the things you want to do

One of the most frustrating parts about being a physician, especially one without tenure, is that the schedule tends to shift often. It can make things challenging for any individual to plan out fun events when they constantly have to deal with work.

Writing down a schedule for fun events can help you put your mind at ease while simultaneously bracing yourself for responsibilities. For example, many people will likely feel too exhausted to do something fun out of the blue, but if it’s been planned a few days or a week in advance, it’s more likely to happen.

Looking for career choices with a steadier schedule

This tip doesn’t mean that you have to quit the healthcare industry. Instead, you can look for jobs as a physician that provide a more reliable schedule. The best example would be a career in locum tenens. With the help of locum tenens companies, a physician can choose an assignment that doesn’t put too much strain on the schedule. Generally, locum tenens requires just as much work as the average physician’s career, but it has the advantage of allowing you to set your schedule.

With a more reliable schedule, you can plan out events much easier, and you can expect to have a lot more free time. That said, locum tenens assignments will involve you moving to different areas to get the job done. While some physicians might not be ready to do that, those who are willing to take a plunge are in for a wild ride.

Maintaining discipline with your schedule

Perhaps the most important part of adhering to any schedule is to stay disciplined. If you allow yourself to get carried away with work responsibilities and neglect your needs, it can be easy to feel alone and frustrated. It might take some time to get used to the routine, but if you give yourself a chance to enjoy your free time, even an extremely busy schedule is no issue.

Making time for fun is great, no matter the industry. It is especially crucial for healthcare professionals, as it can be easy to suffer burnout if you go too long without doing the things you want. Don’t resign yourself to a life that revolves around work!